Tara Petzold

Tara Petzold

Associate Agent/Office Manager

What do you like most about your job?

I love to help our clients protect the people and things they value the most!

What do you like most about being in the insurance industry?

We sell products that people actually need, and when they need to use them, we are there for them!

Not everyone knows that I: 

Was called “Super Office Insurance Girl” by my brother and have a plaque on my desk from him.

What song describes your work day?

LOL. Either “Taking Care of Business” or “She Works Hard for the Money.”

Favorite expression:

To my kids while at a store: “Put that back!” LOL. 

Highlight of your work day:

I love when I get to give someone good news and save them money, while providing better coverage, on their insurance! I also enjoy building new long lasting relationships.

Family fun: 

For me, I just love being home and enjoying my family. We like to have game nights and play UNO, Spoons or Monopoly on the weekends.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, my family and I have one dog (Sadie), two horses (Autumn and Muffin) and a cat (Sweetie Belle).

For stress relief, you:

Enjoy a nice glass of wine!

Favorite chore:

Who likes chores? LOL. If I had to pick, I don’t mind the barn chores and would take those over the house chores for sure.

I’m addicted to: 

Food Network shows!

Your passion in life:

My family.