Toniann Pappas

Toniann Pappas

Marketing Specialist

What do you like most about your job?

Since I take care of our social media pages I love being able to share information on our products/insurance that can help protect our customers and their families. Not to mention, save them money as well:)!

Highlight of your work day:

Being able to share some helpful or informative information to our customers on our social media pages that I didn’t even know myself.

Do you have any pets?

YES. Since you asked:), Our family has a handsome ocicat named Ozzy, a siberian kitty named Opal, two beautiful vizsla pups named Oliver & Otis, Louie our cockatiel, thirteen assorted chickens, one rooster, a fifty-four gallon tank full of tropical fish, and Koi, our 9 year old goldfish. 

Favorite chore:

Believe it or not, cleaning!! I love an organized and clean home.

I’m addicted to:

True Crime podcasts. Just some I am binging now are: Crime Junkies and Counter Clock. I can’t get enough.