Toniann Pappas

Toniann Pappas

Marketing Specialist

What do you like most about your job?

Since I take care of our social media pages I love being able to share information on our products/insurance that can help protect our customers and their families. Not to mention, save them money as well:)!

Highlight of your work day:

Being able to share some helpful or informative information to our customers on our social media pages that I didn’t even know myself.

Do you have any pets?

YES. Since you asked:), our family has a hansom ocicat named Ozzy, a beautiful two year old vizsla puppy named Oliver, Milk and Honey our russian and teddy bear hamsters, Capone our lionhead rabbit (he’s turning eight this year), Louie our cockatiel, seventeen assorted chickens, two roosters, a fifty-four gallon tank full of tropical fish, and Koi, our seven year old goldfish. 

Favorite chore:

Believe it or not, cleaning!! I love an organized and clean home.

I’m addicted to:

True Crime podcasts. Just some I am binging now are: Crime Junkies and Counter Clock. I can’t get enough.